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      He looked up and tried to smile as she entered, but the attempt was a ghastly failure.Barker looked at her. To that knowing young person such innocence and absence of self-consciousness seemed almost uncanny and quite incredible.

      Good gracious! What has she done?

      He sprung into the saddle and rode down to the camp, Norman following him as fast as he could run. The men were coming out of the saloon, and Varley rode into their midst, pulling up his horse on its haunches. He had regained[295] something of his presence of mind by this time, and his voice was almost as clear and cool as usual as he said:

      That will suit me, if it will suit you, he said, without the slightest resentment.She opened the door and listened. The great house was very quiet; there was no sound but the ticking of the tall clock that stood in the hall and the heavy breathing of the great hound which lay on the rug before the fire-place.

      Its wonderful! he exclaimed.Our client did all he could to separate the young people, but, I regret to say, that his well-meant efforts only resulted in a clandestine marriage.


      He crossed over to the agents office.


      As a matter of fact, he did not believe his eyes. He had eaten nothing since the morning; his nerves were overstrained; the solitude had wrought its influence upon him. In simple truth, he thought that he was looking upon a vision of the imaginationa vision called up by the aching longing in his heart, by his nervous and overwrought condition.


      Norman!Esmeralda lay in her hammock slung in the shadow of the hut. It was a lovely evening with the days heat lingering in the air, and as she lay back, in perfect comfort, she could look over the superb tract of country upon which the sun was beginning to shed a glory of crimson and gold.